The future’s bright, the future’s Blood Orange.

Introducing Blood Orange. A.k.a. Devonté Hynes. Formerly Lightspeed Champion. With more reinventions than a line up of Madonna impersonators, this British artist, currently living in NYC, has recently released his new solo album Cupid Deluxe at the end of 2013.

With clear inspiration from the latest love affair between electronica and funk which was undeniably the sound of the summer (Daft Punk – Get Lucky ringing any bells?!) You’re not Good Enough echoes that retro vibe and has the capacity to both relax or excite you, depending on your mood. It’s 80s, it’s cool, in fact close your eyes and you could almost be fooled into thinking you’re listening to something by Prince. It’s bloody awesome, as is the rest of the album. I’m totally #hooked.

Hynes’ CV is pretty impressive too – he’s written and toured with Florence and the Machine, worked with The Chemical Brothers and most recently has been in the studio with Solange Knowles. And if that isn’t credit enough, he is also a published author, and will be releasing a book of short stories later this year. Way to make us feel like underachievers, blud.

What do you think of this track? Listen to more from Blood Orange on his Soundcloud or follow him on Twitter @DevHynes.

Much Love,

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