Trust me… I’m a Genius.

Three brothers from Bath, England. Blues rock, searing riffs, and enough energy to power a jet plane. Enter The Family Rain.

There’s something about bluesy, guitar music that just electrifies my bones. William, Ollie and Timothy Walter previously belonged to an AC/DC/The Darkness tribute band known as The Rock Pirates, but have recently rebranded and are ready to make some waves of their own.

I couldn’t love this new discovery more if I tried. We need a worthy UK rival to The Black Keys and The White Stripes, and this could very well be them. Having already performed at several summer festivals and toured with Miles Kane, these guys are on their way. Echoes of Jack White, Black Sabbath, Cream and even elements of Muse are the blueprints for this new band, so if you’re like me, this will be totally up your street.

Their debut album Under the Volcano is released today with 16 hot tracks to get your teeth into. You can preview the album on Itunes and keep up with them on Twitter @thefamilyrain.

Have a listen and share your thoughts with me!

Much Love,

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