Restoring Factory Settings

It’s been a while. It’s been a whole summer, actually. I could blame a number of factors for my recent silence but they all are inevitably excuses, and the last thing you want to read right now is a boring rant about how “busy” life is. I hate that word. So I’ll just say hello again, friends!

September has hit me like a large, wet fish to the face and I’ve been left reeling, wondering how on earth the past few months have passed by so quickly. On the brightside, I guess that’s the sign of a great summer; a summer of festivals, weddings, great food, great people and (unexpectedly) great weather! In truth, it is not the changing of the seasons which has shocked me most about the beginning of September, but the fact that I am fast approaching one year since moving back to NI, and just how much life can change in that course of time.

Drawing comparisons from this time last year is scary as it tells me that almost every part of my life has changed from then to now. I expected moving home would be a bit like hitting Refresh; in reality it was Restore Factory Settings. Leaving home on a big adventure is daunting, as expected, but no one really thinks how repatriation can be equally, if not more unsettling. What was once familiar is now foreign; things are not the same as when you left. YOU are not the same.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons about change over the past year that I want to share with you. Change is scary, it is uncertain and can leave you rather emotionally unstable while you catch your breath. Change is blinding, it can prevent you from seeing the outcomes of the actions you take. But the main thing I learned? Change is good for you.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

I’ve learned to embrace change. Change does not mean erasing what you’ve come to know; the memories you make are with you forever. For me, change is about having the courage to reevaluate your life, push forward and allow yourself to grow by stepping outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. Change is often a risk worth taking.

In light of all these new changes, I’ve decided to give my blog a little refresh 🙂 I’m also impatiently awaiting the arrival of a shiny new camera, so stay tuned for some new posts on my latest adventures in and around NI!

Kathy x


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