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First things first; welcome to Littlest Allsorts, please do make yourself at home. Put simply, this blog documents me and my adventures, in the hopes of inspiring you and yours.

For those of you who have read my blog before, you’ll notice I’ve been doing some summer redecorating. Sir Winston Churchill famously said “to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”. I’ve been inspired by that phrase a lot in 2014. I’ve also recently become a Studio Manager for a web design agency, and working with developing sites everyday has inevitably given me an appetite to add a little freshness to my own. Hope you like the new look!


I’m Kathy, I’m currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I have 3 major loves which inspired me to begin blogging earlier this year:

Firstly, Sharing.

Some say this is an uncommon trait of the only child. Maybe it stemmed from always wanting bunkbeds or perhaps because as a child I was regularly swapping cereal toys for swingball partners, but sharing has always been an enjoyable experience for me. I feel very blessed to have had lots of wonderful experiences in my 24 years on this earth, and have always strived to immortalise these moments through diaries, photographs or even just simple mementos. For two unforgettable post-university years I lived in Toronto, Canada, sharing in the lives of some amazing people, and now I have returned to Northern Ireland, there is nothing I wish more than to share my country, my world with them. This blog allows me to share my latest experiences, regardless of time and place.

Secondly, Discovering.

The older I get, the more I want to know everything about everything. I want to see it all, do it all and experience it all first-hand. Over the past few years I have done a lot of travelling around Canada/America and as those of you in similar positions will know, once you’ve been bitten by the Travel Bug, it is very difficult to shake off. However, since moving home in late 2013 I have come to realise just how much discovering you can do on your own doorstep, if only you take the time to look.

Living in Northern Ireland is now a totally different experience for me. This blog encourages me to get out and explore that which I admittedly never took much notice of before – the local arts, music, history, sport, architecture and more which make up the place where I’ve grown up. I want to take you on a journey with me as I explore places in Northern Ireland and the UK. 2014 is my time to rediscover common ground and what I love most about home.

And Thirdly? Cakes.

And chocolate, cupcakes, tarts, pies, cinnamon buns… most things sweet, really. I promise not to fill your social feeds with too much Great British Bake Off commentary, or Gogglebox style live-tweeting during cookery shows (I’ll keep that for my dedicated Whatsapp group) but I do like to bake occasionally, and if I make an awesome cake, you should know that I am going to show it off to you.

Like this delicious little beauty…



Let’s get together yeah, yeah, yeah.

If you like what you see/hear, and aren’t too worried about the whole cake-ranting thing, then let’s keep in touch. You can follow me using any of the links below or at kathy@littlestallsorts.com. Feel free to comment under my posts with your thoughts; this site is yours as much as it is mine.

Kathy x

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